Now Introducing: The Corginia Trinity!

Just one year ago, coincidentally also on April 1, I founded CORGICorporation to make fun of an mlm I despised. I was hoping to write fake software, fake documentation, fake advertisements, and a fake blog. That fake blog is the one you are reading today, but after a single post unexpectedly got a lot of attention I decided to turn it into a serious blog.

If you read the earliest posts, you will see some not-so-subtle hints that this was intended to be a parody account.

What is the CORGInia Trinity?

That is the name I made up just now to describe my three Medium blogs. This one is known — the other two are super secret. The one at top is my surface-level blog, the one with my actual name on it. I think it has like 40 followers.

The one on the lower right paywall-blocks everything.

Exciting Marketing Jargon

The key to continued success is following triangles of opportunity. To build a blog empire, you must first follow a blog triangle.

Thank You to My Followers

I never thought that in one year, a parody account made on April 1 would get the attention of the ChangeLog tech podcast, Pragmatic Engineer, BetterProgramming, a tech blog for a corporation with a $1.45 billion market cap, and a CEO. I even received a sarcastic email asking to join CORGICorporation.

The theme of this blog now, and into the foreseeable future, is software engineer interviews. It is my hope that by documenting my many, many failures, someone out there will succeed and get their dream job.



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