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This is a tech blog mainly focused on software engineer interviews, but originally it was just a parody company

Curt Corginia
3 min readOct 28, 2022
From the official CORGICorporation website, which is hosted on GitHub pages…

John Sonmez/SimpleProgrammer has become something of a controversial figure, for reasons I would prefer not to elaborate on here, but the blog tips in his self-help book were solid:

  • Blog consistently
  • Blog in one niche (Zulie Rane disagrees, but I digress)

On April 1, 2021, I launched this blog to serve as a parody company link for a joke website called CORGICorporation. I blogged weekly a few more times, eventually producing this article. That article unexpectedly went viral, gained me hundreds of followers overnight, and from that point on I decided to no longer treat this as a parody account.

My Most Popular Articles

View count: 230K

Description: The blog post that started it all, trending on Reddit and Reddit in two separate threads while also getting to the #1 page of HackerNews. It also showed up briefly on the ChangeLog podcast.

Simply put, this was just me complaining about the software engineer interview process based on personal experience. Responses were mixed. Some comments were positive, and agreed, while some comments were negative, and disagreed…but maybe 95% of them were just debating the pros/cons of whiteboard interviews on various forums.

View count: 5200

Description: The title says it all

View count: 2800

Description: This was my most popular submission to InterviewNoodle

View count: 1400

Part of a series I do on LeetCode questions, though I haven’t produced nearly as many of these as I had hoped

View count: 1100

Short Version

A better blog description would be: Hi, my name is Curt Corginia, and this blog is focused on tech and software engineer interviews. I don’t intend to change it from what it has now, though, for the sake of nostalgia.

What’s Next?

More Repeat Code With LeetCode and system design, hopefully.

In the meantime, there is a planned post about behavioral interviews, and for two weeks I plan to swap this with my other tech blog to have a standalone post about personal projects.

I had another idea called frontend fridays, but I will see if anything comes of that.

Closing Thoughts

You can also find me on shlinkedin.



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